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Claudia Moreno and Oscar Vivas join PBIO as newest faculty members

We are delighted to welcome Claudia Moreno and Oscar Vivas back to the department.  Claudia and Oscar are from Colombia, where they did their undergraduate studies.  After earning PhDs at the Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico, they came to our department for postdoctoral work.  Claudia did postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Fernando Santana.  Oscar worked with Bertil Hille.  Claudia and Oscar are the proud parents of Martina, who is happy to be back in Seattle. When Fernando left the UW to become chair of Physiology and Membrane Biology, Claudia and Oscar moved to UC Davis.  Claudia continued her research with Fernando, while Oscar joined the lab of Eamonn Dickson, a former postdoc in the Hille lab. Claudia’s lab aims to understand how changes in ion channel function and regulation change during aging.  One focus of her studies is the effect of aging of ion channels in the heart’s pacemaker.  Her lab is supported by an NIH R00 grant from National Institute on Aging. Oscar focuses on the effect of aging on the autonomic nervous system.  His lab using a broad range of approaches, including electrophysiology, high-resolution microscopy and molecular biology. Welcome back, Claudia and Oscar!