Physiology and Biophysics

We are all deeply troubled by the devastating events that unfolded in Atlanta this week in which 8 people were killed, 6 of them Asian-descendent women. These killings are part of a series of violent attacks targeted towards Asians that has been intensified by the pandemic and the role that our national leaders have played in creating a climate that leads to such violence. We stand against these crimes against the Asian community and extend our sincere solidarity with our Asian and Asian-descendent colleagues and trainees. As a department, we are committed to foster an environment in which everyone can live, work and learn without concerns about bias or personal safety.  If you are distressed by the current events, have been the target of, or witness, any acts of hate speech or violence toward any member of our community, please report those (e.g. via this survey) or get in touch with any of us.  We are also here to support anyone who has felt isolated or marginalized by events over the past year; if that is the case please get in touch with any of us or the UW School of Medicine Allies.
–The PBio DEI Committee (Andres Barria, Lylah Deady, Nik Dembrow, Sofia Landi, Chet Moritz, Claudia Moreno, Steve Perlmutter, and Fred Rieke)

The Department of Physiology & Biophysics is built on the principles of integrity and service. These principles are the foundation of our contributions to the State of Washington, the UW, the international science community, and the broader public. Our mission centers on three areas.  Discovery: to explain physiological processes at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organismal levels. Training: to provide high-quality, rigorous training that prepares students and postdoctoral scholars for science- and medicine-related careers. Communication: to disseminate scientific results and share our passion for science.


The Department of Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Washington announces a search for a full-time faculty member at the assistant professor (tenure track) level with a 12-month service period. This position will be in the UW Center for Computational Neuroscience.  We seek an individual (PhD and/or MD or foreign equivalent) with outstanding scholarly achievements and research interests in computational or theoretical neuroscience. read more…

Hit the Ground Running: Preparing Postdoctoral Scholars for Academic Success
The Department of Physiology and Biophysics is pleased to announce a new professional development program for postdoctoral scholars. This selective, two-year program provides monthly opportunities to learn the basic skills required for faculty in academia, including tackling unintended bias, mentoring, grant writing, budgeting for labs and small groups, and healthy approaches to dealing with stress. Postdoctoral scholars may apply at any time by contacting Sharona Gordon.

PBIO Diversity Statement

The department of Physiology & Biophysics acknowledges the Coast Salish peoples of this land, the land which touches the shared waters of all tribes and bands within the Suquamish, Tulalip and Muckleshoot nations. It is in this land where we work, teach, and learn.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are key values in the Department of Physiology and Biophysics at the University of Washington and they are an integral part of student training, faculty professional development, and departmental life. In addition to being important and valuable in their own right, diversity and equity promote intellectual curiosity, creativity, and rigor. 

We recognize the lack of diversity in our department and in academia in general and the need to engage those who have been historically excluded. Consequently, we strive to promote access for these underrepresented groups and create and maintain an inclusive departmental culture that recognizes and encourages individual differences and backgrounds seeking constant feedback from our community.

These are shared goals across the University of Washington, and we coordinate with other departments to promote them.  Together, we are committed to the continued development of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive scientific community in the fields related to Physiology and Biophysics both at the University of Washington and beyond.