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Seminar given by Professor Emeritus Bertil Hille delves into history and birth of bioelectricity

Professor Emeritus Bertil Hille presented a seminar to the department on May 30th, 2024. There were dozens of attendees at Hille’s talk, which was titled “History of the Action Potential and Bioelectricity Starting in 1600.” Over 75 people joined online as well. The full seminar is available below for those who would like to watch (or rewatch) the talk:

Professor Emeritus Eberhard Fetz receives NCM Distinguished Career Award

Congratulations to Professor Emeritus Eberhard “Eb” Fetz, who was honored by the Society for the Neural Control of Movement this spring in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dr. Fetz received the 2024 Distinguished Career Award and delivered the keynote address at the NCM annual meeting. His talk was titled “On the “Neural Control of Movement.”

UW Medicine Media features a new study led by Chet Moritz in Nature Medicine

Chet Moritz, professor in PBIO with joint appointments in Rehabilitation Medicine and Electrical & Computer Engineering, was recently featured on the UW Medicine Newsroom website for his research into spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Moritz led a research team that published a study in Nature Medicine that described the benefits of noninvasive spinal cord stimulation devices for patients with spinal cord injuries. Mortiz was part of an international clinical trial of the device. Read more about Chet’s work:

Innovation Month at UW Features Two Upcoming PBIO Events in May

This May is the first-ever UW Innovation Month, featuring a full slate of programs and events that celebrate the spirit of innovation at UW. Join us at the following PBIO and CNC hosted events later this month which are featured on the Innovation Month program: May 13-14: CoNectome Annual Symposium (hosted by the Computational Neuroscience Center) May 15: Wayne E. Crill Graduate Research Lecture given by Jessica Cardin, PhD (Yale University) Don’t forget to subscribe to the PBIO Seminars calendar…

Remembering Professor Emeritus Eric Feigl (1933-2024)

Physiology and Biophysics mourns the passing of Dr. Eric Feigl, Professor Emeritus and respected member of PBIO for over 50 years. The University of Washington recruited Dr. Feigl as an Assistant Professor in 1969. Colleagues remember him for his commitment to teaching and his love of the outdoors. Dr. Bertil Hille shared that Eric was one of the last of our center-of-excellence in traditional whole animal cardiovascular research, along with being an avid climber. Dr. George Brengelmann shared his remembrances…

New PBio Papers for your 2024 reading list

This year we’re kicking off 2024 with a look at several new PBio papers published at the end of the year. Congrats to all the authors! We are committed to sharing more of our scientific progress with you in the new year. Stay tuned for research and publication updates in the coming months. From the PBio team, best wishes for 2024! A recent publication from the Wordeman Lab provides a protocol to engineer tagged, rapamycin-relocalizable proteins in cells. Production of…

Andrés Barría receives grant from Washington Research Foundation to support research of Alzheimer’s and other disorders

Press release provided by Washington Research Foundation Washington Research Foundation (WRF) has awarded $250,000 to enable Physiology and Biophysics Professor Andrés Barría, Ph.D., to screen for new compounds that could be further developed for the treatment of neurological disorders and synaptopathies including Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia. Barría used a previous grant of $50,000 from WRF in 2021 to develop high-throughput screening assays that will be used in this work. NMDA-type glutamate receptors containing GluN2B subunits regulate many processes important to…