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Workshop is first mind-meld of UW, Allen Brain Institute

For the first time, two Seattle powerhouses in brain research are collaborating to teach the next generation of neuroscientists.

The University of Washington’s Computational Neuroscience program and the Allen Institute for Brain Science will jointly offer a “Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain” Aug. 24 through Sept. 7 at Friday Harbor Laboratories.

A mouse brain's isocortex
A mouse brain’s iso-cortex, with colors denoting regional connections: Green = motor/somatosensory connections; teal = auditory/visual connections; red = thalamus connections; orange = pons connections; purple = midbrain connections. Image credit: Rob Piercy, Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Students will use institute-developed data and tools to build models of potential brain processes in an attempt to better understand how the brain works, said Adrienne Fairhall, a UW associate professor of physiology and biophysics. She and Christof Koch, chief scientific officer for the Allen Institute, will run the program for the next five years, as currently planned.

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