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Bridges across borders

Two PBIO faculty members, John Tuthill and Adrienne Fairhall, are new recipients of Collaborative Research Mobility awards, co-sponsored by UW and the University of British Columbia (UBC). The aim of the awards is to stimulate collaborative research with our neighbors across the border in Canada. Dr Fairhall’s award sponsors joint retreats between the UW Computational Neuroscience Center and computational and experimental neuroscientists at UBC’s Center for Brain Health, led by Dr Tim Murphy. The UW-CNC has held joint retreats with systems neuroscientists at the University of Oregon, OHSU and the Allen Institute since its inception in 2017, and this grant extends the circle to UBC. Dr Murphy in particular has been a pioneer of wide-field neural calcium imaging, and UW-CNC members are working on analysis of such data. Dr. Tuthill’s award will also support a joint retreat between his lab and that of Dr. Michael Gordon at UBC. The Tuthill and Gordon labs study mechanosensation and taste, respectively, and the goal of their retreat will be to assess progress and challenges at the intersection of these two senses, and to identify opportunities for collaboration.