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Adrienne Fairhall leads new NIH training grant in Computational Neuroscience

Adrienne Fairhall will serve as the principal investigator on a new Computational Neuroscience training grant from NIH. The grant will initiate two new programs. A two-year sequence in computational neuroscience for undergraduate students will feature a common core curriculum (including new courses), required mentored laboratory research, and a series of faculty seminars. The PhD graduate component offers a tailored curriculum including neurobiology core courses and quantitative courses in computational neuroscience, mathematics, computer science and physics. PhD candidates will attend a weekly journal club and have teaching opportunities in the undergraduate Neurobiology program. All students will be able to present their research at a campus-wide yearly meeting, the Computational Neuroscience Connection, which this year will feature Dr Christof Koch, scientific director of the Allen Institute for Brain Science, as a plenary speaker. The program is interdisciplinary and broad-based with faculty mentors from 11 departments in three UW colleges and schools. In addition to Dr. Fairhall, the leadership team includes Bill Moody (Biology, Director of the Undergraduate Neurobiology Program) David Perkel (Biology, Otolaryngology and Physiology & Biophysics), Fred Rieke (Physiology & Biophysics, HHMI), and Eric Shea-Brown (Applied Mathematics).