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Fellowships and Training Grants


There are several options for students to obtain independent funding, and we strongly encourage our students to do so. Preparing a proposal is an excellent training experience, and the receipt of an independent fellowship will embellish your career credentials.

A broad range of fellowships are listed here:

but let us bring your attention to a few specific opportunities.

A number of slots on UW training grants are available, and these are competitively assigned to applicants with projects and advisors belonging to the appropriate subject area; see below for specific information.

The NIH offers individual fellowships through the Ruth Kirchstein National Research Service Awards. These require a 10 page proposal and will typically be applied for in the second year of the doctoral program.

The NSF has awards for individuals early in their degree program. While the program solicitation claims that you should be in your first 12 months of graduate school, this condition seems to be quite flexible and students have successfully applied for these after two or even three years in the graduate program. The proposal is very brief.  The deadline for application is around November.

The Hertz Foundation has highly competitive fellowships for the physical sciences; theoretical and computational biology and biophysics is included. Application deadline around October.

The Department of Defense offers graduate fellowships to students in science and engineering. The application more closely resembles a general graduate school application than a project proposal and applications are due in January.

The Department of Energy offers fellowships in computational sciences. Deadline is around January.


PBIO Students Have Been Supported By:

Title: Computational Neuroscience

Program Director: Adrienne Fairhall

Title: Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant (CMB TG)


Title: Vision Training Grant

Program Director: John Clark

Program Contact: Tracy Cranick