Physiology and Biophysics

Mike Regnier Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor (with Bioengineering)

Ph.D. Biology/ Neurobiology
University of Southern California, 1991

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Molecular Mechanisms of Striated Muscle Contractile Regulation

The goal of the HAMM lab's research is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate muscle contraction, using a variety of molecular biology, genetic and biomechanical approaches. This information is used to develop complex computational models of contraction at the protein and sarcomere level. Models contain spatial (geometry) and kinetic information, and provide clues to the mechanistic processes that are difficult to obtain from experimental measurements. A more recent interest in our group is to apply knowledge gained from these experiments to design therapies to improve the performance of diseased cardiac and skeletal muscle. Many research projects are done in collaboration with other laboratories at the University of Washington, at other institutions across the US, and in Italy.