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Beth Buffalo joins PBIO as associate professor

We are delighted to welcome Beth Buffalo to the UW faculty as a tenured associate professor of Physiology & Biophysics and core staff member of the Washington National Primate Research Center. Beth studied Philosophy at Wellesley College where she was named a Trustee Scholar, and then went to UCSD for graduate study with Stuart Zola and Larry Squire, earning her PhD in Neurosciences in 1999. After post-doctoral research at NIMH with Robert Desimone, Beth was appointed assistant professor of neurology at Emory University School of Medicine and Core Faculty in the Yerkes Primate Center. She was promoted to associate professor of neurology in 2013.

Beth’s lab is active in both basic and translational research. One focus is the role of enhanced synchronous activity in primate hippocampal neurons in memory formation. In the translational science area, her group is interested in developing methods for early diagnosis of cognitive decline and memory loss. In 2011, Beth received the Troland Award given by the National Academy of Sciences for “innovative, multidisciplinary study of the hippocampus and the neural basis of memory.”

We welcome Beth and the members of her laboratory to the department and the University of Washington.